16700 Bayview Avenue (Unit 26) Newmarket, Ontario 905-967 0064

A Taste of the Islands is ” The real deal.” A Taste Of The Islands is a local family owned restaurant serving the authentic Jamaican / Caribbean dishes in a special atmosphere. It gives you the feeling of the Jamaica beaches: it’s like a fresh breeze, with warmth and friendship, It’s the relaxing atmosphere, and the smell of “ocean freshness” that makes you hungry.

Our dished are all prepared in our kitchen fresh from scratch using only top quality local and Jamaican ingredients. We have recipes that you would ask: “Can I have it?’ Of course we keep them our secret but we are always here for you. You can prepare the food at home and I’m sure it will be delicious. But don’t you want to go out once in a while and relax after a busy day and let us do the cooking, or grab yourself a great tasting fresh lunch just made for you? We have never disappointed  any of our clients and never will. Just watch the YouTube video. Some of our real Jamaican or Caribbean Dishes are: Jerk Chicken, Curry Chicken, Curry Goat, Jerk Pork, Jerk Ribs, Oxtail, Stew Chicken, Potato & Chick Pea Roti, Curry Chicken Roti, Jamaican Rum Cake and so much more. Brows the menu pages on our website for yourself

A Taste of The  Islands Burger Snapper Fish
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